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On a dark night, In the spooky cemetery a sad leafless tree shines in the moonlight. Every night a girl that lived not far from there, would sit under the tree and write her day in her diary. She lived with her grandma and dad. Her grandma was her best friend. Lately, she has been going through some tough times at school so her latest diary writing pieces have at least one negative thing. Waking up to the sound of sirens would probably drill your head in right?. But the sirens weren’t the only thing drilling her head in that night. Her dad rushes in and looks through her blinds. He had a devastating look on his face. “ What's going on?” . She asks her dad. “ Um...G...G...G. He stuttered. A tear came out of his eye. She rushed to look out the blinds. “ She didn’t make it!, I will go break the news”. Said an ambulance officer in a muffled way over the window. Ding, dong !. Went the doorbell. They both rushed to the door. “ Hello again, we have some unfortunate news to tell you, about your grandma and your mother… She stumbled onto the floor in shock. “ She wanted to give you something” . He said. The officer held out a necklace with a big orange rock in the middle with designs on it. She slowly grabbed it out of his hands. Julia Foxx 1943-2020. Under the tree was her and her dad, staring at her grave. Pictures and flowers surrounded it. She dug her hand into her pocket, and pulled out the necklace. as the sun rose over the horizon, them and the tree, Something peculiar struck. “ The tree… look dad, the tree !” . Blossom started to bloom on the dead branches. They watched the sun rise as it shined in their faces. Blossom was blowing off the tree and into the slight breeze. The dad looked at her daughter, she was smiling for the first time in ages. That made the dad happy. She looked into her hands and saw the necklace and thought….. “The rock”.